Our Profile

PT. Columbia Chrome Indonesia, is founded on July 5 t h 1991, as a Canadian & Indonesia partnership (foreign company) specializing in surface plating engineering at the beginning, and since several years ago has already become a local invesment company (PMDN). We have already implemented ISO 9002:1994 quality system since December 2000 for guarantee quality of product and services. From now on an up grading process for ISO 9001 : 2008 & OHSAS : 2007 is still being conducted.

PT. Columbia Chrome Indonesia is a service company who classifies and focuses to the 4 manufacturing business development sector, such as ChromPlate, ChromTach, ChromTrail dan ChromLite.



  • Layanan bernilai tambah (Value-added Service)
  • Memberikan solusi kerja yang efektif, efisien dan memberi nilai tambah terbaik (To provide customers with working solution that is effective, efficient and of best value)



    Mengurangi down time, meningkatkan produktivitas (To decrease equipment downtime, to increase your productivity)


    Menghasilkan produk-produk berkualitas yang terpercaya (To produce reliable quality product)


    Mengusahakan hubungan yang interaktif antara kami dengan Anda, sebagai rekanan kami (To give you, our partners, an interactive relationship with us. Our customer hotline is always open to your trouble, suggestion, critics and compliments)

We have objectives to be a leader of manufacture and recondition services company of heavy equipment industry in Indonesia. To achieve the objective we commited to provide the best services in line to give an efficient & effective solution and also the best added value thru :

"Prioritized customer sattisfaction by providing a qualified product services, on time delivery and efficiency."